Annals of RSCB – Prof. Ardelean A (“Vasile Goldis” Univ. Arad)

Goldis_U_11“Vasile Goldis” West Univ – Prof. Cotoraci C.ARSCB Acad. Simionescu Maya – President of RSCB

1. Ardelean et al2009 – Sp.DATA FABRICATION; Text Plag 90% (incomplete notification)
Analysis   Sources   Similar Figures   Retracted title-on-site

2. Jalba et al2010FULL PLAGIARISM
Analysis     Source

3. Jalba et al2010 bisFULL PLAGIARISM
Analysis     Source

4. Pestean et al2009FULL PLAGIARISM
Analysis     Source

5. Munteanu et al2009 FULL DATA SELFPLAGIARISM; Text Plag 90%
Analysis     Sources 

6. Labau et al2009FULL PLAGIARISM (removed w/o notification)
Analysis   Source   Ethics Comm Report   REMOVING image

7. Vlad et al2012Susp. of DATA @ TEXT PLAGIARISM
Analysis     Sources



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