G. Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology – Prof Mogoanta L.

Craiova_-_Universitatea_de_Medicina_si_Farmacie UMF Craiova – Prof Rogoveanu I (Rector)
Cover RJME 57_2_16

1. Surcel-Sinescu2011TEXT & DATA PLAGIARISM RETRACTED with incomplete notice
Article   Sources   Glodny’s email   RETRACT’s image   RETRACT’s notice 

2. Ghidirim G2011TEXT & DATA PLAGIARISM RETRACTED with incomplete notice
Article   Sources   RETRACT’s image   RETRACT’s notice

3. Tanase-Copotoiu-Brinzaniuc-Azamfirei2012Text Plag 66%; Susp DATA PLAGIARISM
Article   Sources   Young’s email   Tanase CV   Azamfirei citations   

4. Rasanu T2012Weight copy-pasted text w/o quotation 56%
Article     Sources 


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