VII. Branzaniuc K, Doc Adv – exViceRector & Head of Dept

1. Sorlea-Brinzaniuc in AMM2011 – Plag Text 75% & PROVEN PLAGIARISM
Article   Source   NEC report   Wiggers claim   PhD papers-original   PhD papers-new

2. Ivanescu-Brinzaniuc2011 Plag Text 85% & PROVEN PLAGIARISM
Article     Sources   RNEC Report   Rammal opinion   PhD support papers

3. Sorlea-Brinzaniuc in CM2011Plag Text  52%
Article   Synopsis   Sources   RETRACTION notice   Phd-support-papers  

4. Halmaciu-Brinzaniuc2013 Full Selfplagiarism/Double Publication
Article     Sources     Brinzaniuc-project manager     Halmaciu’s PhD suppot papers

5. Masca-Brinzaniuc2011 – Multiple Publication
Art 12011-Iasi     Art 2: 2011-Cluj   Source   PhD support papers   PhD thesis committee

6. Tanase-Brinzaniuc2011Text Plag 50% & False inserts
Article     Sources

7. Coltescu-Brinzaniuc2012Plag Text 65% & Susp. of DATA FABRICATION
Article     Sources


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