Romanian Journal of Biophysics – Prof. Maria-Luisa Flonta

1. Tilinca M, Marusteri M, Nicolaescu I et al2010DATA SELF-PLAGIARISM
Article   Source   Marusteri preferment   Ethics Comm Report   Represent dept papers

2. Chiselev-Moraru et al2009 – Plag Text 70%; Susp. Figs Reprod without permission
Article      Sources

Canine & Bovine      Rat & Mice

4. Bradu A et al2005 – DOUBLE PUBLICATION; Text identity score: 94%
Bradu2005-1      Bradu2005-2

5. Savoiu G, Dragan S, Muntean D, Mihalas G et al2008 – TEXT & DATA PLAGIARISM; Copy-paste score: 65%

6. Shalabi et al2013 – Susp DATA FALSIFICATION/FABRICATION; Recycled/copied text w/a citation (73%)
Article      Sources

7. Desouky OS2009 – (Self)plagiarised text 84%
Article      Sources

8. Ibrahim M et al2008Susp DATA FALSIFICATION; Recycled/copied text w/o citation (70%)
Article      Sources

9. Ghannam MM et al2012 – QuasiFULL PLAGIARISM (90%)
Article      Sources

10. Radu OL et al2006 – DOUBLE PUBLICATION (coincidental text 90%)
 Article1      Article2

11. Subhan et al2011Copy-pasted & recycled text (82%); Noncited sources
Article      Sources

12. Pinzaru SC et al2006 Text Plag 65%
Article     Sources     Excellence competition 2010

13. Cavalu, Pinzaru SC2005Recycling Text (73%) and Figures from a noncited paper 
Article     Sources     Article Citations     Source Citations
Excellence competition 2010

14. Gaafar ESA et al2008Recycling Text (55%), Figures and Data from three noncited sources
 Article      Sources

15. Katona E et al2004Recycling Text (57%)
Article     Sources

16. Tamiolakis D et al2004 – QuasiFULL RECYCLED or COPY-PASTED TEXT (90%)
Article       Sources

17. Ghazaly2015 – Copy-pasted/Recycled/inappropriate paraphrased text: 53%
Article      Sources

18. Mady MM2013(Self)plag Text 70%
Article      Sources


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