Extra(University Press) Journals

1. Sorlea S et al2011PROVEN PLAGIARISM 
Clujul Medical
Article   Synopsis   Sources   RETRACTION notice Doctoral support papers

2. Balasa Rodica2010PLAGIARISM
Romanian Journal of Neurology      International Position RW
Article     Sources     Dept represent papers

3. Dobreanu M&D et al2007 – DOUBLE PUBLICATION
Romanian Journal of Internal Medicine   International Position RW
Article   Source   Source2   Report of Ethics Committee   Dept represent papers

4. Masca A et al2011SELFPLAGIARISM
Clujul Medical      Rev. Med. Chir. Soc. Med. Nat
2011-Cluj   2011-Iasi   Source   PhD support papers

5. Gliga FI-Buicu Florin et al2012FULL PLAGIARISM
Article   Sources   Buicu’s papers   Dept represent papers

6. Mare AD-Buicu Florin et al2012 – quasiFULL PLAGIARISM
Article   Sources   Buicu papers   PhD support papers   Dept represent papers



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